A Portrait Case Study-1

This is my first realistic portrait case study that I am going to show you so that you will learn how to draw your own with my step by step video tutorial from start to finish. The first part to create this portrait from a photo using charcoal is to show you how to draw using a grid.

The first thing to do to sketch the face of the person to a paper is to make vertical and horizontal grid lines. You will get more instructions as you watch the videos below. Most of the time drawing a portrait is to enlarge the face in the picture when you transfer it in paper or illustration board. how to draw pencil portraits - beginners

Inside this video you will see me using a grid system or worksheet to capture the likeness of the image that I am working on. You will see in these series of videos my steps in drawing portraits with charcoal and pencil using dry brush. Watching this is even more than just reading a pencil portrait book.

In the next few days I will be posting here more video tutorials of this particular portrait that I created. I will show you different pictures and faces of persons that I will be working on in the future. Basically you will learn how to draw pencil and charcoal portraits from photographs.

I invite you to keep an eye of these video tutorials for you to learn exactly what I did. Below are the first videos of this series. I encourage you to get a pencil and paper to take notes. You may also start your own new portrait by following this tutorial in that way you can practice as you watch.

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I was thinking what to write this morning and thought about the most challenging topic in sketching is how to draw people step-by-step. When I was just starting out I have an inspiration to draw a person especially the whole physical body structure of a man and a woman. Most often as a beginner we tend to draw stick figures. Actually doing this stick figures will begin your journey to draw human figures the correct way.

How to Draw People Step by Step

Making a beautiful figure drawing needs to have these important factors: human anatomy, proportion and light and shadows. In order to draw a figure correctly you need to learn and know the details of human anatomy. It is important to understand all of the internal and exterior anatomical structures of the body but most importantly the exterior anatomy is what counts the most. You want to see how the combinations of muscles and bones form the exterior body parts like the muscular form of the arms, torso, faces, legs, etc.

Video created by Howcast

The proportion of each body parts in relation to each other is very important to have a perfect figure drawing. You want to see how the head relates to the shoulder, torso and limbs. You want to show a realistic representation of male and female figure. In this case it is important to be aware and observe the body of a real person to get the correct proportion. Check this tutorial from Wikihow.com. You will get some added knowledge in sketching people.

Viedeo created by insightartschool on draw a person test
Knowing the correct proportion of the body parts and the realistic anatomical structures of the male and female figures, will help you render the correct light and shadows that fall to each of them. Always know where the source of light is coming from that way you will know exactly where to render the light and shadows.

I invite you to view these videos in this post and take note on what you’ve learned to help you understand very well what I have discussed above. Always practice each steps many times and this will help you attain your goal to learn perfectly how to draw people. “Practice makes perfect!”

Video created by Proko


If you are looking for a tutorial course on how to draw portraits of people this is a must read.

easy steps-how to draw portraitsYou probably stumbled on this post because you were desperately searching for a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to draw portraits.

==> Get this pencil portrait course now!

You are on the right track because I am going to show you one of the best tutorials that I found about this topic. This is a very comprehensive tutorial created by an excellent artist teacher, Stan Prokopenko. It has a very affordable price which is composed of ten video lessons and the best thing is that, one is FREE.  He shows the steps on how to draw portraits in pencil from photographs from start to finish.

His style of teaching is very nice, clear and easy to understand. His video presentations are very creative which make it easy to follow and learn the steps fast. I highly recommend his tutorial on how to draw portraits.

To find out more information please
check this Video Tutorial now!


step by step drawing pencil portraits

Step-by-step pencil portrait drawings by talented artist Sarah Maa Albared. Check her art at her fan page.


Drawing the face in pencil is challenging and inspiring to most artists. It has a unique beauty which you can not find in any other medium to create pencil portraits. It is easy to render small and big details which you can control to make the portrait high contrast, sharp and elegant.

Based on my experience as an artist whether you are drawing a portrait of children, men or women; from life or from photos, I noticed that there are many types in creating pencil portraits. Before you even choose which you prefer, you have to figure out if you want your drawing to be in color or black and white.

There are different styles of pencil portraits; first is pencil portrait loosely drawn. This style of pencil portrait is one that I am very fond of doing. This type of portrait is depicted artistically with free flowing hand pencil renderings. I like this style because it gives me the freedom to draw without being stuck in making the portrait look realistic.

The second is the caricature style; the first step to be able to create this is to find distinctive parts of the face, then exaggerate those parts to resemble the person’s likeness. This is also one of my favorites because it is very fun to do.

The third is hyperrealism pencil portraits. For me, this is the best of all types because it will challenge you to create a portrait that is very realistic. You need to have the knowledge of the human anatomy to be able to render the portrait realistically. This is a very popular style and can be a good source of income for some artists that offer their goods and services by creating portraits with prices for sale.

You may find drawing pencil portraits difficult but in reality it is easy. The secret is that you just need to practice and know some tips and tricks on how to do it right. As an artist, I love drawing portraits using hyperrealism style.

In these video examples below you will see great tutorials on how to draw step-by-step the hyperrealism type of portrait. Keep on practicing by watching them frequently until you master how to draw pencil portraits. These pictures shown here were created by Sara Maa Albared. I encourage you to observe the renderings of this talented artist and pay attention on how she did it from the beginning up to the final stage.

Simple procedure to draw a pencil portrait: 

  1. Use a nice and clear black and white or color photograph of the person.
  2. Prepare the paper you are going to use.
  3. Sketch the face by using a grid or doing it freehand
  4. Start rendering from light to dark shadings using a pencil or graphite
  5. When finish spray with varnish to enhance the quality and to protect the art

Do you find drawing portraits easy to do? What are some areas in drawing portraits that you want to improve? Please feel free to write your comments below. Enjoy learning pencil portraits!

In this video you will learn how to draw a portrait in black and white using a brush. You will be able to see how this style of rendering is smoothly applied and done realistically. You can use this type of portrait drawing it from a photograph or from life. Video created by PortraitDrawing

If you want to create a portrait with more detailed instructions watch this video. You will learn how to perfectly sketch the face with exact likeness using a grid. You will be able to follow a tutorial showing simple and easy way to render realistically. Video created by Daisy van den Berg

You will love this video if you are looking for the kinds of materials that are good to use to create a beautiful pencil portrait; type of pencil, paper, eraser and other materials and accessories to use. You will also see steps to follow on how to draw pencil portraits. Video created by JD Hillberry


When I was just starting out to draw I found that one of the most difficult thing to do is how to draw the ears. I remember when I was just a child when I was about seven years old, I kept on wasting sketch pad paper because I can’t get to sketch an ear correctly.

During those years of trial and error, I had a strong determination that I will be able to perfect the steps in drawing the ears. I encourage you to practice in doing it as many times as you can until it becomes so easy for you to do it and draw it perfectly.

You have to know how to draw the ears on a face in different angles. You also have to learn how to do it from the front, from the side and from the back which I will show you the instructions on how to do it correctly.


1) Identify the profile of the ears. In this case we will work on the side view profile.

2) Draw a sketch of an oblong slightly tilted to the right in relation to the head.

3) Create a circle in the middle and an arc adjacent to it that will form like a letter “y”.

4) Draw a smaller circle at the bottom part area. These circles and lines will resemble the different cylindrical forms that the ear have.

5) Identify where the light source is coming from before you start shading it.

6) Let us say that the light is coming from the top left side of the ear so the shadows will fall on the lower right side part of each form in the ear.

7) Start rendering it by identifying the light tones and gradually darkening the areas where the shadows are located.

8) Finish the drawing by refining the outer part outline of the ear and darkening the shadow parts to bring contrast.

Video created by ProkoTV

By following these steps and watching the video below, will help you reach your goal to draw a perfect ear. In my case it took me lots of time of practice until I can do an excellent job. Now it’s your turn. You can do it!

These videos were created by a very talented artist Stanislav Prokopenko. I encourage you to practice this knowledge and you will develop your skills on how to draw ears realistically.

Video created by ProkoTV


One of the most difficult part of the face that most beginners have a hard time doing is how to draw noses. I remember when I was just a little boy I already had the passion to draw. Drawing the nose in pencil is one of the most challenging part of the face that I found difficult while I was just beginning to learn how to draw the human face. Below you will find a nice video created by thevirtualinstructor to help you learn more on how to draw noses effectively.

Learning it from the beginning was not easy for me and it was always a trial and error. I never gave up but kept on practicing it until I finally was able to draw the nose perfectly. I advise you to do the same! Practice is the key that will lead you to draw a nose perfectly.

The nose is designed naturally to be in the center of the face with a protruding bridge and two holes that allow the air to pass through in and out of our body. It has a bone with cartilage that forms the bridge and muscles on both sides that lead to another cartilage which forms the nostrils. It is very important to know the anatomical structure of the nose to use it as a guide to be able to draw it realistically.

Step By Step Drawing Of The Nose how to draw noses

1) To draw the nose from the front identify the center of the face. From the center make a horizontal line from the top and the bottom tips of the ears and a vertical line across it.

2) Start sketching the nose bridge from the center of the face using the vertical and horizontal lines as your guide.

3) To simplify it roughly sketch a narrow rectangle which represents the nose bridge.

4) Then draw 2 smaller circles to represent the nostrils and a slightly bigger circle in between the two nostrils.

5) Find out where the light source is and start rendering the shadows with darker tones and the highlights with lighter tones.how to draw noses

6) Continue rendering the highlights and shadows toward the lower part of the nose and the two circles which represent the nostrils.

7) Add more darker shades under the nostrils. This part will be the darkest among rest since the nostrils have holes which have darker shades.

8) Fine tune the renderings and make sure you add the highlights along the nose bridge, the tip of the nose and the walls of the nostrils.

9) Finally you’re done! Practice this method often until you reach the point where you can draw the nose easily.

10) To draw the nose from the side just pay attention to the
perspective of the face and start drawing it using the same
procedure as I instructed above.how to draw noses

Below is an amazing video which I encourage you to watch carefully to get some new ideas on your journey to learn how to draw noses.

Pay attention to each detail and follow each step and apply them as you practice. Enjoy drawing the nose!


Video created by thevirtualinstructor


This amazing eye drawing was created by Gabrielle. You can see her work at her Facebook Page Artwork By Gabrielle and Portfolio Website

One of the most important part in drawing the human face is the eye and to be more specific it is necessary that we know the step by step process on how to draw eyelashes on an eye. If you are having difficulty drawing it this article is a must read. Whether you are drawing it using a pencil or a computer using softwares like illustrator, photoshop or gimp it is a great advantage if you knew how to do it correctly. Observe this eye drawing by Gabrielle on the right. A perfect example of how to render eyelashes beautifully.

Last night I stayed up late and made some few pencil sketches to show you from start to finish how to draw eyelashes specifically on eyelids. These drawings I did below will help you compare to what have you done so far during your learning process in drawing portraits. I’ve also included below an excellent tutorial video by Brian Sandoval teaching you how to do it effectively in a very detailed and simple way.

I suggest that you bring with you a pencil, a sketch pad and a notebook so that you can follow and practice this tutorial as you read this post. My advise is for you to do this frequently to get effective results. Remember also that the 3 most important part in creating a beautiful painting and it is also true in drawing are; know the anatomy, perspective and add contrast.

how to draw eyelashes 1

(Step 1) Study the anatomy of the eye. Observe the bones and muscles around it and apply the perspective of the eye form. Once you have gathered all these start doing the sketch with simple outlines.






how to draw eyelashes 2

(Step 2) In this drawing I’m using a regular pencil rendering in cross hatch style.  Continue drawing by adding some more pencil strokes . Make the sketches more define to slowly form the eye. The eyelashes should be drawn a little longer to show the gracefulness of a female eye.






how to draw eyelashes 3

(Step 3) Pay attention to where the light is coming from then you will know where the shadow falls. Once you identify where it is, continue rendering in pencil until you come to the point where the dark and light shadows are balance. Don’t forget to leave a few white dots for the reflection of the pupil.

Finally you are done! Keep on practicing this and you will learn how to draw eyelashes correctly. Have fun!




Video created by Brian Sandoval


In drawing the human face one of the most important facial feature to know is how to draw lips. When I was just starting out it took me awhile to learn how to draw it. I have gathered below the simplest way on how to draw lips step by step with pencil. Scroll down and you will also see an excellent video with instructions on how to draw lips.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a close lips. Hopefully in the future I will prepare some posts on how to draw the mouth that is open or smiling with teeth, lips for kids and lipstick kiss. As you begin learning this drawing technique, you will find that to draw the lips is very easy.

Step By Step Instructions:

1) Sketch the upper and lower lips by becoming aware of its right and left side corners and make a straight line connecting these two corners.

2) To keep it simple and easy to draw the lips you have to identify the shapes that form the upper and lower lips. These shapes will serve as your guide to help you draw the lips easily.

3) In the upper lip you can see that it is compose of three shapes. To demonstrate this, draw one oblong on the right part and one oblong on the left part plus a circle in between these two oblongs. Do this by sketching them very light.

4) Usually the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. To do this draw two oblongs and make sure that they are a little bit bigger than the forms on the upper lip. Now start drawing one oblong on the right side and one oblong on the left side.

5) When you are done sketching these shapes use them as your guide to start drawing the outlines of the lips using a dark lead pencil.

6) Find out the source of light so that you will know where the shadows fall. Let’s say the light comes from above so the shadows should fall under the upper lip and under the lower lip. Begin applying your shadings using a dark lead pencil until you are finished.

You may bookmark this page so that you can go back again and make this as your reference guide on how to draw lips.

Video created by idrawgirls


One of the most difficult part to draw the face is how to draw eyes step by step.  When I was just learning how to draw people drawing the eyes is the most challenging for me.  For those of you who are just beginning to learn how to draw this post will be helpful for you.  If you don’t have the courage to draw or not sure if you have the talent, I encourage you to read my previous post here which will help you discover your artist within.

Below after this image are my simple step by step procedures on how to draw the eyes.  I created rough sketches of this tutorial to show you very quickly simple tricks on how to do this. You will also find as you scroll down a detailed tutorial video which you can follow to render this correctly.  I want you to pay more attention on the reflection of the eyes.  I always add this white dot in the pupil when I draw the eyes because this adds life and realistic effect to it.  Check out this beautiful work by Esteljf on DiviantArt.  Look at the way she beautifully draw the eyes.  Art by Esteljf on DiviantArt http://esteljf.deviantart.com

Beautifully rendered pencil art of a face. Observe the way the eyes was drawn. Check out this beautiful pencil art, Half of you_Christina Aguilera by Josi Fabri, Esteljf on DiviantArt

how to draw eyes tutorial

This is the final pencil art. Check below the step by step drawings

I created this simple step by step procedure below on how to draw eyes to help you start creating it easily.  Observe how I did it and learn from it.

I also found another great artist that teaches how to draw the eyes beautifully.  He wrote an e-book which you can get it right away online.  Click Here!

I also encourage you to write your comments and questions below if there is something that you want to learn or expound more about this topic.  Let’s help each other learn how to draw!

How To Draw Eyes

1)  The most important thing to consider learning before you even attempt to draw the eyes is to know the anatomy of the eyes.  Learning the structure of the muscles around the eyes and the bones that hold it will help you draw the eyes correctly.

2)  Start sketching the eyes by following its anatomical structure outlining in pencil the shape of the eyes, pupil, eyelashes and eyebrows.

3)  The shapes and forms learned from the anatomy will help us know how the light and shadows fall around the eyes.  This is the technique to draw the eyes that will look natural and realistic.

4)  Find out where is your light source so you can render the shadows around the eyes correctly.  Start rendering it using pencil and be aware of its light source so you can easily spot where the shadows will be.

5)  The final and most important part to render which will make the eyes look real is to add the highlight and reflection within it.  Usually it is a tiny white dot that is rendered in the pupil.

Observe and follow how I draw the eyes step by step and if you do it correctly you will find yourself rendering it very easy.  Have you ever tried drawing the eyes or are you still learning on how to do it correctly?

I will be happy to hear your comments by clicking the comment link on the upper right side corner of this post or start writing it below.  I wish you the best in learning how to draw eyes step by step!

how to draw eyes

Base on the anatomy draw the eyes using a pencil

how to draw eyes step by step with pencil

Start rendering it by applying the light and shadows

how to draw eyes step by step for beginners

Continue rendering by being conscious on the light source

how to draw eyes step by step

Leave a white dot inside the pupil for the reflection

Video created by markcrilley


One of the greatest thing that gives happiness in life is the expression of yourself through painting. Imagine yourself creating a beautiful portrait of your friend or finding yourself drawing and painting a landscape very spontaneously. You have seen drawings by pencil created by great masters and you wish that you painted like them. However, not all these can’t be achieved if we don’t know how to do it correctly by means of knowing the relationship of values and color.

You probably did a few strokes already in your pencil portrait project or perhaps you are just beginning to learn the first steps. Whatever stage you are in, it is very important to know the process of drawing by means of creating lines and adding value which is also referred to as “tone” and understanding how value translate to colors which you will experience mostly in drawing and painting.

When you start rendering the portrait, let the artist within you do its creative work by knowing first how to do the basic skills in whatever you are drawing. As you progress you will begin to know the importance of value by means of rendering light and shadows. Through this, you will eventually begin to identify colors to your portrait drawings. The best way to keep in mind is to always see value as colors.

You will know this once you have learned the relationship of light and shadows from light to dark tones that is mostly use in drawing. This will be an effective guide for those who want to succeed in drawing and adding colors usually is experience in painting. This is the way to put colors into your drawings.

Five Steps To Find Colors In Value

1) Sketch your subject matter which is the portrait. Do all the line drawings of each part of the face using a dark lead pencil.

2) Identify where the light source is coming from. You can have it coming from the upper right side corner or left side corner of the paper. This light source is very important because through it your subject will be formed by means of shades, which is value, and from value to colors.

3) Using a pencil draw the shades and shadows of each facial parts of the face from the lightest to the darkest tone depending on how the light distributes them.

4) Each shades from dark to light, which is called value, signifies a particular color tone. From the darkest shades to the medium to the lightest will translate a color tone. Example: yellow will fall in the lightest shade, orange will be in the medium shade and brown will fall to the darkest shade.

5) Dark shades will signify a darker color value like for example the dark shade of a hair would be the color of a dark brown hair. Light blue eyes would be in the medium dark shade tonal value. A light shade tone would be the color of a fair complexion of a facial skin tones.

The best way to render colors is the ability to see colors as different shades of value. You will know this once you become familiar with the relationship of light and shadows in drawing. This is the effective way to succeed in drawing and applying the colors in painting.

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