If you are ready to start to work on your pencil portrait I recommend these best drawing pencils to use. This is great for beginners and experienced artists. You are probably progressing watching the tutorials or just about to begin learning. It is important that you should gather the list of art materials needed in your portrait drawing course.

I personally use Staedtler Pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B which gives a very black tone, good to render for the hair and dark shades for shadows. To erase some lines and shades or to make highlights I use soft kneaded eraser and hard eraser. Rendering the shades like to do shadows, tones and to render also the hair realistically I use hard chalk black pastel by making it powdery using a sand paper stick. I also use different sizes of white sable brushes applying the powdered pastel to blend the shades smoothly.

If you are doing a graphite portrait or sketching the face to start a portrait these tools are very helpful. Below you will see a few good and affordable drawing pencils brand that you can check and try. I will be adding some other new good ones in the future.

You have to get also the other materials to use like hard and soft kneaded erase, sand paper stick, sharpeners, hard black pastel sticks, sketch pad or illustration boards, etc. I will create in the future another post that will show you where to get these other art materials. Some of these are already enclosed in the packages below. I can say that these types of products are popular among pencil portrait artists in the world.

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