I was thinking what to write this morning and thought about the most challenging topic in sketching is how to draw people step-by-step. When I was just starting out I have an inspiration to draw a person especially the whole physical body structure of a man and a woman. Most often as a beginner we tend to draw stick figures. Actually doing this stick figures will begin your journey to draw human figures the correct way.

How to Draw People Step by Step

Making a beautiful figure drawing needs to have these important factors: human anatomy, proportion and light and shadows. In order to draw a figure correctly you need to learn and know the details of human anatomy. It is important to understand all of the internal and exterior anatomical structures of the body but most importantly the exterior anatomy is what counts the most. You want to see how the combinations of muscles and bones form the exterior body parts like the muscular form of the arms, torso, faces, legs, etc.

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The proportion of each body parts in relation to each other is very important to have a perfect figure drawing. You want to see how the head relates to the shoulder, torso and limbs. You want to show a realistic representation of male and female figure. In this case it is important to be aware and observe the body of a real person to get the correct proportion. Check this tutorial from Wikihow.com. You will get some added knowledge in sketching people.

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Knowing the correct proportion of the body parts and the realistic anatomical structures of the male and female figures, will help you render the correct light and shadows that fall to each of them. Always know where the source of light is coming from that way you will know exactly where to render the light and shadows.

I invite you to view these videos in this post and take note on what you’ve learned to help you understand very well what I have discussed above. Always practice each steps many times and this will help you attain your goal to learn perfectly how to draw people. “Practice makes perfect!”

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