In this article you will learn how to draw portraits with charcoal in easy step by step process. I was commissioned to do this family portrait using their photographs. The unique part here is that each of their face came from different pictures.

I just picked their best photo from the other pictures they showed me then I put them all together as if taken in one photograph. Of course you want to achieve excellence that in the future you will be able to draw the best family portraits. You will also master the correct renderings to draw faces with charcoal.

how to draw portraits with charcoal

How To Draw Portraits With Charcoal

  1. SKETCH IT – Then once I picked the best pictures I started sketching them one by one. The strategy that I used sketching it is by tracing the pictures and not by using the grid which I showed before. First I printed the head in the size that will look proportionate to the illustration board that I will apply the sketches on.
  2. TRACE THEM – I added some pencil renderings behind the printed pictures. I started tracing the facial lines using a pencil or even the best to use a pointed stick that does not leave any lines so that it won’t mess up the picture you are copying.
  3. CHECK PROPORTIONS – Then I finished tracing the rest of the other photographs and making sure that their proportions are correctly drawn. After that I applied the shadings to the face.

hair drawing tutorial

4. PREPARE THE CHARCOAL POWDER – Before I did that I prepared the charcoal powder to use for the shadings. This is the secret in making a realistic effect to draw a charcoal portrait.To prepare the charcoal powder you have to get a charcoal compressed black chalk or black pastel. Then get a sandpaper preferably the fine one, then start rubbing your black pastel.You will then have to collect the fine residue caused by it. Use it by applying in your brush, then slowly apply your first shading on the face.

5. APPLY SHADINGS – Start by rendering the whole face slowly starting from very light to little by little going to the darker tones. Then I applied shadings to the other parts of the face like the nose, lips, eyes, ears, etc. In this stage it is also best to know how to draw the hair with charcoal. Check this tutorial on how to do it.

how to draw hair with charcoal

 I advise you to go to my first portrait case study girl to learn the steps on how to apply shadings using charcoal powder.

This way you will see the detailed procedures on how to draw portraits with charcoal using brushes and the charcoal powder.






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A Portrait Case Study-1 (Step-6 Girl)

In this post you will learn how to apply shade to portraits get and the effect of realistic faces. This is the 6th step in my first Portrait Case Study series. I will teach you the techniques on shading and blending charcoal portraits. You will also learn how to shade drawings with pencil for beginners and how to draw a realistic face with pencil.

You will learn the secret steps in making this charcoal portrait by using this dry brush portrait video tutorial. You will also discover the drawing materials that I used in making this portrait drawing come to life.

If you are just a beginner or a professional artist who wants to improve certain skills in drawing faces, this tutorial is perfect for you.

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A Portrait Case Study-1 (Step-4 Girl)

I’m excited to show you how I am progressing from my Portrait Case Study-1 of a girl which in this video tutorial you are going to see the continuation on how to sketch a portrait using a grid.

It is sometimes difficult for me to manage my time since I’m teaching art on the side, painting and creating portraits as well, but nothing can stop me from this, since drawing portrait is my passion. Great, that I was able to find a free time and got a chance to post here.

This portrait case study will help you in your journey to learn how to draw a realistic portrait from photograph. It is a step by step process showing myself doing the charcoal and pencil portrait from start to finish. I encourage you to watch this so that you will learn how to draw a portrait of someone.

You will see me guiding you in detail what materials to use from sketching the face using a grid to render a portrait in charcoal by means of pencil and dry brushes. You will get a realistic and photographic effect using this style.

If you have not seen yet the rest of the video tutorials, I encourage you to go over them here, (Step-1 and 2 Girl) and (Step-3 Girl) and start learning from the beginning. If you have any questions please feel free to ask by writing your comments below or posting them in my Facebook Fan Page.

This is the (Step-4 Girl) of the video series Portrait Case Study-1. You will learn how to use a grid to capture the likeness of the picture. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep track of all the video tutorials of this portrait case study. Click here Jude Maceren



A Portrait Case Study-1 (Step-3 Girl)

If you are just starting out in portrait drawing this topic on how to draw portraits for beginners will teach you how to transfer a portrait image from a photograph to a paper and you will also learn how to make a sketch with pencil and charcoal drawings.

The big challenge is sketching the image of the face exactly the same as the picture. In this Youtube video you will learn how to use a grid to help you start sketching the picture and you will also learn how to get a likeness in portrait drawing. The main knowledge in this tutorial is how to sketch a portrait using charcoal and pencil which can be applied also using other mediums.

If you have not seen the previous videos yet, I encourage you to watch them so that you will learn from the beginning the step by step process on how to create a charcoal portrait. Click here to see them. Below is the video (Step-3 Girl) the third part of the series of video tutorials that I created from my Portrait Case Study-1.

This is the (Step-3 Girl) of the video series. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep track of all
the video tutorials of this portrait case study. Subscribe to 
Jude Maceren

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