how to draw portraits with pencil

Step-by-step pencil portrait drawings by talented artist Sarah Maa Albared. Check her art at her fan page.

How to draw portraits with pencil is very challenging and inspiring. It has a unique beauty which you can not find in any other medium to create pencil portraits. It is easy to render small and big details which you can control to make the portrait high contrast, sharp and elegant.

Based on my experience as an artist whether you are drawing a portrait of children, men or women; from life or from photos, I noticed that there are many types in creating pencil portraits. Before you even choose which you prefer, you have to figure out if you want your drawing to be in color or black and white.

There are different styles of pencil portraits; first is pencil portrait loosely drawn. This style of pencil portrait is one that I am very fond of doing. This type of portrait is depicted artistically with free flowing hand pencil renderings. I like this style because it gives me the freedom to draw without being stuck in making the portrait look realistic.

The second is the caricature style; the first step to be able to create this is to find distinctive parts of the face, then exaggerate those parts to resemble the person’s likeness. This is also one of my favorites because it is very fun to do.

The third is hyperrealism pencil portraits. For me, this is the best of all types because it will challenge you to create a portrait that is very realistic. You need to have the knowledge of the human anatomy to be able to render the portrait realistically. This is a very popular style and can be a good source of income for some artists that offer their goods and services by creating portraits with prices for sale.

You may find drawing pencil portraits difficult but in reality it is easy. The secret is that you just need to practice and know some tips and tricks on how to do it right. As an artist, I love drawing portraits using hyperrealism style.

In these video examples below you will see great tutorials on how to draw step-by-step the hyperrealism type of portrait. Keep on practicing by watching them frequently until you master how to draw pencil portraits. These pictures shown here were created by Sara Maa Albared. I encourage you to observe the renderings of this talented artist and pay attention on how she did it from the beginning up to the final stage.

Simple Procedure On How To Draw Portraits With Pencil

  1. Use a nice and clear black and white or color photograph of the person.
  2. Prepare the paper you are going to use.
  3. Sketch the face by using a grid or doing it freehand
  4. Start rendering from light to dark shadings using a pencil or graphite
  5. When finish spray with varnish to enhance the quality and to protect the art

Do you find drawing portraits easy to do? What are some areas in drawing portraits that you want to improve? Please feel free to write your comments below. Enjoy learning pencil portraits!

In this video you will learn how to draw a portrait in black and white using a brush. You will be able to see how this style of rendering is smoothly applied and done realistically. You can use this type of portrait drawing it from a photograph or from life. Video created by PortraitDrawing

If you want to create a portrait with more detailed instructions watch this video. You will learn how to perfectly sketch the face with exact likeness using a grid. You will be able to follow a tutorial showing simple and easy way to render realistically. Video created by Daisy van den Berg

You will love this video if you are looking for the kinds of materials that are good to use to create a beautiful pencil portrait; type of pencil, paper, eraser and other materials and accessories to use. You will also see steps to follow on how to draw pencil portraits. Video created by JD Hillberry

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