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In this post you will continue to learn how to draw realistic human hair of a girl. If you were following this portrait case study you will notice that in the previous post, the girl’s hair was a little bit lighter but now you will be applying more layers of shadings with charcoal until the hair becomes darker and will look like it has more volume. Continue reading »


how to draw hair

How to draw hair in charcoal is one of the most challenging to learn. Before I even knew how to draw hair renderings, I myself was curious to know how to create this realistically. I did not stop practicing until I perfected doing this. I invite you to see my hair drawing and shading tutorial in charcoal renderings. In these series of steps you will learn in detail easy ways to render and shade the hair. Continue reading »


how to draw realistic hair

How To Draw Realistic Hair

It is quite challenging to learn how to draw realistic hair in a portrait which is very important in the overall feature of the human head. I did sketch the face carefully from the beginning using a grid and shaded them slowly until it reached the desired tones and shadings.

I realized that to draw and shade a portrait is not complete if we don’t really know the skills and tricks in drawing the hair. Some of the obstacles to encounter is if the hair does not look real we tend to search for the correct techniques and there is no where to find it. In addition, if the hair strands do not seem to flow life like and do not resemble the natural look. We become discouraged and hopeless. In this free video tutorial you will discover the hidden secrets.

This is the continuation of my portrait case study (Step-22 Girl). You will learn how to apply shadings to the hair and how to make it look realistic. I will be using charcoal to render the hair but in a powdered form. You will see me using it from the start. This type of technique will give a photographic effect as if the hair looks real.

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how to shade hair with charcoal

This is a tutorial to learn how to shade hair with charcoal. Can you draw the hair realistically? In this post you will also learn how to draw realistic hair using this medium. If you have difficulty shading the hair you will also learn how to apply it with pencils and charcoal. Continue reading »

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