When I was just starting out to draw I found that one of the most difficult thing to do is how to draw the ears. I remember when I was just a child when I was about seven years old, I kept on wasting sketch pad paper because I can’t get to sketch an ear correctly.

During those years of trial and error, I had a strong determination that I will be able to perfect the steps in drawing the ears. I encourage you to practice in doing it as many times as you can until it becomes so easy for you to do it and draw it perfectly.

You have to know how to draw the ears on a face in different angles. You also have to learn how to do it from the front, from the side and from the back which I will show you the instructions on how to do it correctly.


1) Identify the profile of the ears. In this case we will work on the side view profile.

2) Draw a sketch of an oblong slightly tilted to the right in relation to the head.

3) Create a circle in the middle and an arc adjacent to it that will form like a letter “y”.

4) Draw a smaller circle at the bottom part area. These circles and lines will resemble the different cylindrical forms that the ear have.

5) Identify where the light source is coming from before you start shading it.

6) Let us say that the light is coming from the top left side of the ear so the shadows will fall on the lower right side part of each form in the ear.

7) Start rendering it by identifying the light tones and gradually darkening the areas where the shadows are located.

8) Finish the drawing by refining the outer part outline of the ear and darkening the shadow parts to bring contrast.

Video created by ProkoTV

By following these steps and watching the video below, will help you reach your goal to draw a perfect ear. In my case it took me lots of time of practice until I can do an excellent job. Now it’s your turn. You can do it!

These videos were created by a very talented artist Stanislav Prokopenko. I encourage you to practice this knowledge and you will develop your skills on how to draw ears realistically.

Video created by ProkoTV

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