Portrait Case Study-1 (Step-10 Girl)

This is the continuation of my PORTRAIT CASE STUDY-1 GIRL where I showed some charcoal portrait drawing tips. This is great for beginners because you will see the basic on how I started working on this up to this stage.

Observe very well how I draw the eyes and applied shadings using pencil and charcoal powder in dry brush. It’s very important to know the anatomy of the eye and eyebrows so that you will know exactly where to apply the light and shadows.

I invite you to view the rest of the video tutorials of this PORTRAIT CASE STUDY-1 GIRL and learn the steps on how I created this from the beginning up to this stage.


how to draw eyes and eyebrowsPortrait Case Study-1 (Step-9 Girl) How To Draw Eyes And Eyebrows

I will continue the renderings on how to draw eyes and eyebrows of a human face step by step. I already did a lot of renderings especially when you saw me working on the eye and eyebrows on my earlier video series of this portrait case study. I’m almost finish with the eyes and did the eyebrow arch and now I will continue more on adding shades on this.

It is important to watch this video if you are serious about learning how to draw portrait. In this video, I demonstrated in detail on how to render realistic eyes and eyebrows. Please feel free to write your questions and comments below.

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Watch this video and learn how to shade the eyes and eyebrows, Portrait Case Study-1
(Step-9 Girl). Video created by Jude Maceren

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