This amazing eye drawing was created by Gabrielle. You can see her work at her Facebook Page Artwork By Gabrielle and Portfolio Website

One of the most important part in drawing the human face is the eye and to be more specific it is necessary that we know the step by step process on how to draw eyelashes on an eye. If you are having difficulty drawing it this article is a must read. Whether you are drawing it using a pencil or a computer using softwares like illustrator, photoshop or gimp it is a great advantage if you knew how to do it correctly. Observe this eye drawing by Gabrielle on the right. A perfect example of how to render eyelashes beautifully.

Last night I stayed up late and made some few pencil sketches to show you from start to finish how to draw eyelashes specifically on eyelids. These drawings I did below will help you compare to what have you done so far during your learning process in drawing portraits. I’ve also included below an excellent tutorial video by Brian Sandoval teaching you how to do it effectively in a very detailed and simple way.

I suggest that you bring with you a pencil, a sketch pad and a notebook so that you can follow and practice this tutorial as you read this post. My advise is for you to do this frequently to get effective results. Remember also that the 3 most important part in creating a beautiful painting and it is also true in drawing are; know the anatomy, perspective and add contrast.

how to draw eyelashes 1

(Step 1) Study the anatomy of the eye. Observe the bones and muscles around it and apply the perspective of the eye form. Once you have gathered all these start doing the sketch with simple outlines.






how to draw eyelashes 2

(Step 2) In this drawing I’m using a regular pencil rendering in cross hatch style.  Continue drawing by adding some more pencil strokes . Make the sketches more define to slowly form the eye. The eyelashes should be drawn a little longer to show the gracefulness of a female eye.






how to draw eyelashes 3

(Step 3) Pay attention to where the light is coming from then you will know where the shadow falls. Once you identify where it is, continue rendering in pencil until you come to the point where the dark and light shadows are balance. Don’t forget to leave a few white dots for the reflection of the pupil.

Finally you are done! Keep on practicing this and you will learn how to draw eyelashes correctly. Have fun!




Video created by Brian Sandoval


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