I am progressing a lot working on this PORTRAIT CASE STUDY-1 GIRL and I arrived to the stage where I want to show you how to draw lips step by step with pencil and charcoal to create a realistic female lips. Continue reading »


In this tutorial you will learn how to draw realistic lips with pencil and charcoal particularly drawing the female lips smiling. There is a big difference when you draw a female and male lips. In this video you will discover how to draw the female lips the correct way. Continue reading »


In drawing the human face one of the most important facial feature to know is how to draw lips. When I was just starting out it took me awhile to learn how to draw it. I have gathered below the simplest way on how to draw lips step by step with pencil. Scroll down and you will also see an excellent video with instructions on how to draw lips.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a close lips. Hopefully in the future I will prepare some posts on how to draw the mouth that is open or smiling with teeth, lips for kids and lipstick kiss. As you begin learning this drawing technique, you will find that to draw the lips is very easy.

Step By Step Instructions:

1) Sketch the upper and lower lips by becoming aware of its right and left side corners and make a straight line connecting these two corners.

2) To keep it simple and easy to draw the lips you have to identify the shapes that form the upper and lower lips. These shapes will serve as your guide to help you draw the lips easily.

3) In the upper lip you can see that it is compose of three shapes. To demonstrate this, draw one oblong on the right part and one oblong on the left part plus a circle in between these two oblongs. Do this by sketching them very light.

4) Usually the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. To do this draw two oblongs and make sure that they are a little bit bigger than the forms on the upper lip. Now start drawing one oblong on the right side and one oblong on the left side.

5) When you are done sketching these shapes use them as your guide to start drawing the outlines of the lips using a dark lead pencil.

6) Find out the source of light so that you will know where the shadows fall. Let’s say the light comes from above so the shadows should fall under the upper lip and under the lower lip. Begin applying your shadings using a dark lead pencil until you are finished.

You may bookmark this page so that you can go back again and make this as your reference guide on how to draw lips.

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