In this tutorial you will learn a different way to apply portrait shading techniques in drawing a face using pencil and charcoal. Learn how to do it by watching this free video and follow how I do it.

After viewing it I encourage you to practice what you have learned. Practice often and you will see great improvements in your portrait drawing skills. Continue reading »


In this tutorial you will learn how to shade a face with charcoal and pencil technique renderings applying it on the portrait. Great for beginners and professionals. The medium use for this portrait is charcoal powder using bristle brushes and some pencil strokes. Continue reading »


How To Draw A Portrait From A Photo

In this video tutorial you will learn how to draw a portrait from a photo with charcoal and pencil professionally. In this step you will know how to shade correctly that will make your portrait look realistic. Most importantly you will know how to use a brush in shading. Continue reading »

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