Learning to draw is quite a challenge for you especially if you have not even tried drawing a face out of pencil. But the process is just as easy like a baby just beginning to learn to walk. Drawing deals mostly with the way you see things and not only just that but to see objects the way an artist sees them. It can be learned and possess as your ability just like an artist does.

You would not even try to learn how to draw because you already put a big barrier in your mind that says “I can’t draw!”. Having said this makes you think it’s impossible to try it. But with the firm desire and knowledge of the right way to draw will put you to the first steps to successful drawing.

By learning the right way of seing things just like an artist does will be the best way to start learning it. Following after this is the importance of practicing the skill. You can begin learning by rendering a simple doodle which will bring you to a higher level of a more sophisticated renderings like portraits to draw,

Artists somewhat see things differently. The question is, “how do they see things?” Their keen ability to observe what they draw plus their natural strength of their mind by using the right side of the brain which is the artistic part of us are essential for the ability of an artistic vision.

They have the strong awareness of what they are doing and somewhat lost the attention with time which they feel joyful and relaxed while drawing. We see them stress free and seem very easy for them to choose any art materials to use pencil for drawing objects in a spontaneous manner.

All these creative bliss are enjoyed in the present moment as they enter into a new dimension where there is no future and past only the joy of creating in the present, the timeless moment, the state of being.

You will probably say that all of these qualities mentioned above are for those people with natural creative talent. Yes it is true but the the basic drawing skills can be achieved by anyone who will desire to learn the way the artist sees and think. We all have the gift within us. You have it. We are all born us creative human beings. It is just a matter of digging it and letting it out.

Six Steps To Learn The Skills In Drawing:

1) Allow your mind to shift to the right side of your brain where the natural creative energy flows and where your intellectual reasons and the sense of the future and past are not present.

2) Detach yourself from anything external even your feelings but only be aware of the present by knowing that you are bound to start your purpose of making your first stroke of pencil in drawing.

3) As you enter into this realm of timeless moment your awareness of what you are doing becomes strong. You will find yourself in the state of being. You become aware of your hand holding the pencil moving around touching the paper and seing the first strokes of lines forming your the masterpiece of what you want to draw.

4) Put yourself in the state where nothing exist but only your enjoyment and blissful feeling of creating. This is were the right side of your brain is actively moving.

5) Stay in your stress free mode by not caring about anything only to fulfill your creative purpose to finish your sketches in drawing.

6) Practice these steps above in your learning process to improve your drawing skills in the artistic field of portraits in pencil, flower sketching, landscape renderings, etc.

You just did what you can’t do before. You’ve learned how to draw! Let it grow by means of continuous practice. Congratulations! You made it!

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