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“Are You Poor In Your Drawing Skills? 
Discover The Artist
Within You And Learn 
How To Draw Realistic Portraits
Like A 
Master With Ease!” 

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like a Master” – a progressive instructional guide created by a very talented artist.

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In My FREE Mini-Course, You Will Learn:

1)  How to discover the hidden artist within you and how 
to let it out in easy step by step process…
2)  How to get inspired to start drawing in a creative way…
3)  How to draw the eyes that look realistic with ease…
4)  How to draw the human face thru imagination even if 
you are not looking through a photo reference…
5)  How to draw the hair, nose and ears with ease…
6)  Learn the secret of drawing the face by means 
of using different forms and shapes…
7)  How to earn money doing portraits 
with pencil…
8)  And much, much more!…

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  12 Responses to “Get Your Free Mini-Course”

  1. i want learn drawing.

  2. Drawing portrait is easy…just put desire and inspiration. You can do it! I have a FREE MINI-COURSE where you can learn the easy steps. I invite you to join us and learn just click here

  3. I want to learn please see my blog for my sketches

  4. I would to lean to drawn . Thank you

  5. thanks for this

  6. I saw your blog. You have beautiful portrait drawings. I invite you to come and visit my fan page about learning portrait pencil. Thanks!

  7. please send mini-course

  8. Hi Sharon, thanks for your interest to receive the mini-course. I just want to know if you filled up the form with blue and yellow color in the upper right corner of my blog? Once you filled that up you will get an email to confirm then after that you will receive series of emails to learn portrait pencil and more. Please let me know. Thanks again!

  9. yes i would like to learn to draw with confidents,think about your free mini course can you give me more details thankyou.

  10. Hi Aidan with this free mini-course you get to know clearly that you have the artist in you which you should bring out by learning the skills in drawing. You will also learn the step by step process in drawing charcoal and pencil portrait. If you subscribe you will also get the latest posts of my blog and the up-coming tutorials. Click here to subscribe. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks!

  11. es i would like to learn to draw with confidents,think about your free mini course can you give me more details thankyou. Paul

  12. Hi Paul, great to hear from you! My mini-course is about email series on basically how to draw the face. It will give you simple step by step procedures on how to draw the face and its basic parts like the nose, eyes, etc. Plus you will get updates on my new blog posts that mainly talk also about drawing portraits. In the future I will be creating some video tutorials on how to draw human figures, animals, flowers, etc. which you will also get these updates when you sign up for my mini-course. On top of that you will also get some inspiration and encouragement on how to bring out your artist within. As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Hope to see you in the inside. Thanks!

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