One of the most difficult part to draw the face is how to draw eyes step by step.  When I was just learning how to draw people drawing the eyes is the most challenging for me.  For those of you who are just beginning to learn how to draw this post will be helpful for you.  If you don’t have the courage to draw or not sure if you have the talent, I encourage you to read my previous post here which will help you discover your artist within.

Below after this image are my simple step by step procedures on how to draw the eyes.  I created rough sketches of this tutorial to show you very quickly simple tricks on how to do this. You will also find as you scroll down a detailed tutorial video which you can follow to render this correctly.  I want you to pay more attention on the reflection of the eyes.  I always add this white dot in the pupil when I draw the eyes because this adds life and realistic effect to it.  Check out this beautiful work by Esteljf on DiviantArt.  Look at the way she beautifully draw the eyes.  Art by Esteljf on DiviantArt

Beautifully rendered pencil art of a face. Observe the way the eyes was drawn. Check out this beautiful pencil art, Half of you_Christina Aguilera by Josi Fabri, Esteljf on DiviantArt

how to draw eyes tutorial

This is the final pencil art. Check below the step by step drawings

I created this simple step by step procedure below on how to draw eyes to help you start creating it easily.  Observe how I did it and learn from it.

I also found another great artist that teaches how to draw the eyes beautifully.  He wrote an e-book which you can get it right away online.  Click Here!

I also encourage you to write your comments and questions below if there is something that you want to learn or expound more about this topic.  Let’s help each other learn how to draw!

How To Draw Eyes

1)  The most important thing to consider learning before you even attempt to draw the eyes is to know the anatomy of the eyes.  Learning the structure of the muscles around the eyes and the bones that hold it will help you draw the eyes correctly.

2)  Start sketching the eyes by following its anatomical structure outlining in pencil the shape of the eyes, pupil, eyelashes and eyebrows.

3)  The shapes and forms learned from the anatomy will help us know how the light and shadows fall around the eyes.  This is the technique to draw the eyes that will look natural and realistic.

4)  Find out where is your light source so you can render the shadows around the eyes correctly.  Start rendering it using pencil and be aware of its light source so you can easily spot where the shadows will be.

5)  The final and most important part to render which will make the eyes look real is to add the highlight and reflection within it.  Usually it is a tiny white dot that is rendered in the pupil.

Observe and follow how I draw the eyes step by step and if you do it correctly you will find yourself rendering it very easy.  Have you ever tried drawing the eyes or are you still learning on how to do it correctly?

I will be happy to hear your comments by clicking the comment link on the upper right side corner of this post or start writing it below.  I wish you the best in learning how to draw eyes step by step!

how to draw eyes

Base on the anatomy draw the eyes using a pencil

how to draw eyes step by step with pencil

Start rendering it by applying the light and shadows

how to draw eyes step by step for beginners

Continue rendering by being conscious on the light source

how to draw eyes step by step

Leave a white dot inside the pupil for the reflection

Video created by markcrilley

  4 Responses to “How To Draw Eyes Step By Step”

  1. This is really good and I mean I can draw but not as good as that I hope you go far with dinwrag and you could probably give lessons on dinwrag. So yeah great job!

  2. Thanks Dmitry! I will be posting new lessons here. I hope you come back and learn more on how to draw.

  3. It is a nice eye drawing! Beautiful rendering!

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