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Your goal is to learn how to draw. You won’t even start to grab a pencil and draw if you don’t have the passion to do it. Even if you haven’t done any drawing at all as long as you have the desire and interest, you will be able to do it. To start your very first pencil stroke do the following below.

  1. Discover Your Artist In You

    Each of us have the hidden artist within. We have to believe that we pocess the creative or artistic part in us. To find it and let it out I invite you to read it here.

    Sometimes we have a doubt that before we even try drawing an object we will fail and not succeed. Discard all your negative thoughts and begin to believe in yourself that you can do it. Remember what it only takes is “passion”. Right now you are here because you have a strong passion to learn how to draw. Click this link and start to believe that you can do it.

  2. Start Your Very First Artistic Inspiration

    Learning the tricks in drawing is a process. Start from one subject and focus in that one until you prefect its steps. Learn the procedures on how to do it correctly. One of the best subject to start is by watching my PORTRAIT CASE STUDIES. To learn the steps effectively I invite you to start from the very beginning by watching the very first video up to the last. Click here to view them from the very beginning and start learning.


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