The thought of creating portraits to draw seems intimidating especially if you are just a beginner. You have the passion to draw but when you grab the pencil to start the first stroke you found that you can hardly draw a straight line. This artistic inspiration is so strong in you that you can’t stop your great desire to create portraits to draw for your family or friends.

But all this seem isn’t happening the way you want it to be. Not because there is no time to do it but most of all because of your belief that it is impossible for you to draw like an artist. However, you keep on wishing that you can draw just like a master artist does. Procrastination and the belief that you can’t do it hinder your progress.

The truth is drawing can be learned and most especially you can show its beauty by creating portrait with pencil. We always tend to feel intimidated when we meet someone who is a professional artist thinking that we can’t be like him who can draw like a master.

All of us were born with different kinds of talents. Some are great in singing, dancing or playing the guitar but we tend to refuse to accept that we can also learn their abilities.

Let It Out

Let us test ourselves. If you appreciate the beauty of a blooming red rose or enjoy the beautiful sunset on seashore that shows that you have the artistic ability within you.

The first thing that you have to do to let it out is to have the “desire to learn”. To learn how to draw is really a matter of training your eyes perfectly and more than by just looking with your eyes. It can be done and it can be learned.

When I was a child my parents saw me growing with artistic ability. I was five years old then when I used to doodle a lot. This lead me to create my first drawing of an apple right from our dining room table. Then I drew a lion while I was watching it on TV. They were so amazed on my early age talent!

You Can Do It

You are probably going to tell me, “Hey you have an inborn artistic talent and I don’t!” I know that’s the truth but you have to know that the driving force of all this is my early age “desire to learn” while I was growing up. Always remember that you have that “artist within you”. Let it out and grow by your desire to learn!

I want to share with you someone that will give you an inspiration to learn to draw. He is just an ordinary person who struggled in the art of drawing. What makes him unique from the rest of all is his strong determination to learn with patience the step-by-step techniques of drawing that brought him to master the art of realistic portraits with pencil.

Discover him in person through his unique style on how to create drawings in pencil from photos to portraits. Learn his step-by-step tutorials by viewing it here. You will be amazed on how easy for you to learn it! Let the artist within you be exposed. You can do it!

Get The Secret

Thank you very much for stopping by! I hope that this page inspired you to believe that it is possible for you to draw. If you like to get my free Mini-Course on how to draw the human face effectively and receive a lot more helpful inspirations to bring to life the artist within you, just fill out the email form below where you will receive my lessons regularly in your email box. You will discover your drawing skills gradually improving little by little.

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